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Adam G. Riess: Course – Stars and the Universe

July 18, 2012


"How did we come to know what we know about the Universe? This course will focus on key discoveries in astronomy and astrophysics from the speed of light to the speed of the expanding and now accelerating Universe, from the discovery of Neptune to the modern detection of extrasolar planets, spanning hundreds of years and many orders of magnitude of astronomical breakthroughs. For each topic we will review the underlying science principles, the historic context of the discovery, the original discovery work itself, and how it is understood today. Through this course students will gain an understanding of not only how the Universe works but also the process by which we come to understand it." - Adam Riess

Adam G. Riess: Life

July 10, 2012


The email read: “Dear Students, Faculty and Staff, What a momentous day for Johns Hopkins! Congratulations to our own Adam G. Riess, who today was awarded the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics.” Who the hell is that? What did he do? I didn't know. But I felt proud. I ain't his dad. I ain't his student. I forgot his name by now. But I felt proud as heck. I even texted my mom as if I won the nobel prize (I rarely text my mom by the way. Sorry mother). He is the man who made me text my mother.